Sunday, 31 July 2022

(29) The Mouse and the Frog

 A Mouse on an evil day made acquaintance with a Frog, and they set off on their travels together. The Frog, on pretence of great affection, and of keeping his companion out of harm's way, tied the Mouse's fore-foot to his own hind-leg, and thus proceeded for some distance by land. Presently they came to some water, and the Frog, bidding the Mouse with good courage, began to swim across. They had scarcely, however, arrived midway when the Frog took a sudden plunge to the bottom, dragging the unfortunate Mouse after him. But the struggling and floundering of the Mouse made so great commotion in the water that is attracted the attention of a Kite, who, pouncing down, and bearing off the Mouse, carried away the Frog at the same time in his train.

Moral for children: Inconsiderate and ill-matched alliances generally end in ruin; and the man who compasses the destruction of his neighbour is often caught in his own snare.

Label: Stories for kids by Aesop.

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