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How to write a good Blogger blog post?

1. Select your subject based on your experience, academic qualification or hobby. Don’t write on subjects having no connection for search value. 2. Unique content is the key success tool in a blog post. For updating specific knowledge, refer to the top 10 sites. Then take note and compile or edit. Never cut and paste from other sites! 3. Always write in a single language. Regional languages will have less traffic while global languages will get global outreach and heavy traffic! 4. Use a responsive theme for your website because it displays well across any device size. 5. Don’t use italics or underline in text content that makes a poor reading experience. 6. Try to limit post titles within 50 characters. Avoid stop words like A, AND, THE etc. 7. Mixing several font styles is a bad thing. 8. Only 2% keywords are necessary in each post. No need for keyword stuffing. But synonimous keyword can use. 9. In each post comment option with identification (ID with) is a good thing to avoid spam

Best Blogger default themes?

How to select the best free blogger default theme? I have more than 10 years of blogging experience with Google Blogger. Based on Blogger platform, This is a comparison of all default lists of themes by blogspot. First of all, two major categories are there- responsive themes and non responsive themes. As the name indicates, you should select a responsive one. What are the advantages of responsive over non responsive? In responsive themes, your website will be flexible for quick reading without zoom or manual click or touch. So, it will automatically adjust its uniform look similar to that of any device size. then, the user experience will be higher and they will return to this site again. Navigation will be very easy with the hamburger menu. Around 60% of the websites are running with responsive themes. It is very fast and SEO friendly. Number of pageviews will be higher. There is no option to select a mobile theme because this is a combination of both desktop and mobile version. But,

Serif or Sans Serif font typeface?

How to select a good English font typeface for online and print articles? First of all, You should remember two major categories of font typefaces are Serif fonts and Sans Serif fonts. Super facts of Serif fonts 1. Serif means decorative small lines or strokes that extend from letters. 2. These fonts are very familiar to our eyes because most of the print media are using this font. That means, it will give you an old print book reading feel. 3. Very stylish alphabets having curls, beautiful edges and traditional look. 4. Comfort, reliability and well acceptance. 5. Most of the devices have these old type fonts by default. No installation is required. 6. Serif fonts are not so good for online media and websites. If font size is small, then letter edges may be invisible. When we are zooming in on the online text, it will change the shape of fonts without uniformity, which leads to disturbances to our eyes. 7. Examples of Serif fonts- Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond etc. majority of ne