Wednesday, 9 March 2022

How to write a good Blogger blog post?

1. Select your subject based on your experience, academic qualification or hobby. Don’t write on subjects having no connection for search value.

2. Unique content is the key success tool in a blog post. For updating specific knowledge, refer to the top 10 sites. Then take note and compile or edit. Never cut and paste from other sites!

3. Always write in a single language. Regional languages will have less traffic while global languages will get global outreach and heavy traffic!
4. Use a responsive theme for your website because it displays well across any device size.
5. Don’t use italics or underline in text content that makes a poor reading experience.

6. Try to limit post titles within 50 characters. Avoid stop words like A, AND, THE etc.
7. Mixing several font styles is a bad thing.
8. Only 2% keywords are necessary in each post. No need for keyword stuffing. But synonimous keyword can use.
9. In each post comment option with identification (ID with) is a good thing to avoid spam comments.
10. You can use free 15 GB Google storage for a single Google account. But video less than 100 MB will move to Blogger, not to your account. So, don’t exceed 100 MB for each video.

11. How to copy and paste text content from other word processors to a Blogger post editor?
If you are copying text from your own word processing software like Microsoft Word, Open Office or Notepad, then paste in blogger post editor as plain text. There may be a chance of previous formatting hence Blogger additional formatting may cause some errors. To avoid that, you can paste as plain text, then select all. Then click on three dots at the top right corner of the post editor. There right last, click on Tx icon as clear formatting option, done!

12. Always align text as left, not as justified. Make the main heading, subheading, paragraph for text. Align a picture as a large size option at the centre. Avoid wrapping text over pictures.
13. Avoid third party widgets and themes.
14. Normal text size in post editor is a good, standard option. Use the default font.
15. Publish 1 or 2 posts in a week is a good thing. Monday and Friday at 7 AM is considered SEO friendly.

16. You can use Google Keep for writing instant thoughts and ideas. Easy writing method is Google handwriting input tool. Then paste to Blogger post editor.
17. Share your post link in social media.
18. Instead of more small published posts, you should focus on large authentic posts. People will trust you as an authority in a concerned subject, they will come back to the website again.
19. About page, privacy policy page, contact page, follower widgets, popular posts, featured posts etc, are very essential for a good website and will be suitable for adsense approval.

20. Use any simple and minimalistic template for fast download of websites.
21. Never use any translation software from your original language to other languages. The chance of Adsense approval is difficult because as an automated sub standard post.
22. In general, the number of words in a single blog post must be 1400-2400 is SEO friendly.

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Best Blogger default themes?

How to select the best free blogger default theme?

I have more than 10 years of blogging experience with Google Blogger. Based on Blogger platform, This is a comparison of all default lists of themes by blogspot. First of all, two major categories are there- responsive themes and non responsive themes. As the name indicates, you should select a responsive one.

What are the advantages of responsive over non responsive?

In responsive themes, your website will be flexible for quick reading without zoom or manual click or touch. So, it will automatically adjust its uniform look similar to that of any device size. then, the user experience will be higher and they will return to this site again. Navigation will be very easy with the hamburger menu. Around 60% of the websites are running with responsive themes. It is very fast and SEO friendly. Number of pageviews will be higher. There is no option to select a mobile theme because this is a combination of both desktop and mobile version. But, if you edit the html of the website theme, then the option appears as a modified theme shows desktop and mobile themes version. Google adsense recommends responsive themes with auto ads.

In non responsive themes, it looks very old design. On the desktop it is very good for getting the overall idea of a large website than responsive themes. In mobile phone reading, we should select the mobile version and that is not good. If the desktop theme is for mobile, then search engines will display as your site is not mobile friendly. Also, the desktop version in mobile is not good for readers as they have to zoom and set a reading size. A traffic block is usual.

Comparison of default non responsive Blogger themes

Simple, Dynamic, Picture, Awesome, Watermark, Ethereal and Travel themes are coming under this category. Dynamic themes have a partial responsive nature. The desktop display is super but they are not good for mobile display width and line space. Simple themes series are good. Simply simple is best among but the font is bad. In simple literate, large header images will split but good for writers having content background is just like a book off white colour with overall images are bookshelf. One important fact is that adsense auto ads are working well with no responsive themes if you have any errors in responsive themes.

Comparison of default responsive Blogger themes

Try to select default blogger settings and themes. When you make a blogspot site it will be Contempo light. This is the best choice. Before that, we are comparing the pros and cons of all responsive themes.

Contempo themes- don’t select dark contempo and flamingo as having negative feedback. Pink is good for beauty, cosmetics, families, girls, fashion etc. Aqua is a colourful but blue content background with cursive header fonts. Blue colour dominance is more than usual. You can customise all these but not a good practice. Now, my two sites are running on contempo light. Good tile format, beautiful Roboto font, separate header image option, neutral grey body colour, post snippet, featured post, search bar, page bar with more, blue click navigation are very attractive features. Good for text rich content, writers, authors and online digital libraries. Demerit- there may be a chance of adsense auto ads errors with bugs.

The Soho theme is good for photography, brand promotion, designers, painting and artists. Large default photograph is a key attraction. No text snippet tiles and not suitable for writers. Small text font size in mobile is difficult for senior citizens. No ads inside the text content post. Dark, Neon and pink themes have dark depressing colours. The Soho Red theme is best with an off white background. Light theme is the standard one. Soho theme tiles are not uniform on the desktop.

Emporio is the most responsive default theme. Tiles are beautiful on the desktop. Large text fonts. Desktop version displays a side widget bar also. Very easy to navigate because the entire tile is clickable. No text snippet in mobile. Very good for any product display site. While shifting from other themes to this theme, there is a chance of text content and auto ads width problems. Emporio Porcelain is good. If pink colour is your favourite, use emporio Flamingo. The Toolbox and Technica and Apron are dark themes. 

Notable themes are considered as the best theme without any errors for adsense auto ads display. Technical websites or instructional sites can choose this for large display fonts and images. No tile separation margin in mobile. Full width site display with sidebar widget. Large volume writers should avoid this theme because desktop large fonts are not suitable for reading large volume text like a novel. At the sametime, mobile fonts are too small! Notable light is good. Antique theme main colour is blue hence blue colour text content background. Coral theme is dark, notable pink theme font styles are bad.

Essential theme is the latest default theme where you have a chance to customise this minimalist theme. Tiles, text snippets, fonts are clean but simple. This theme will look like a primitive one. Our own header image upload is difficult because there is no separation there for body and header. Header blog name title font size is very large in mobile display. In all the above themes, we can customise many widgets but it is not so easy for common people.

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Serif or Sans Serif font typeface?

How to select a good English font typeface for online and print articles?

First of all, You should remember two major categories of font typefaces are Serif fonts and Sans Serif fonts.

Super facts of Serif fonts

1. Serif means decorative small lines or strokes that extend from letters.

2. These fonts are very familiar to our eyes because most of the print media are using this font. That means, it will give you an old print book reading feel.

3. Very stylish alphabets having curls, beautiful edges and traditional look.

4. Comfort, reliability and well acceptance.

5. Most of the devices have these old type fonts by default. No installation is required.

6. Serif fonts are not so good for online media and websites. If font size is small, then letter edges may be invisible. When we are zooming in on the online text, it will change the shape of fonts without uniformity, which leads to disturbances to our eyes.

7. Examples of Serif fonts- Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond etc. majority of newspapers and print books are with Times New Roman. If you are looking for a large font when compared to others, use Georgia. Windows platform is with Times New Roman.

About Sans Serif fonts

1. Sans means ‘without’. So, without serif is the key fact here. There are no strokes or decorations in letters.

2. Very popular typeface in digital media, online screen reading in smartphones, tabs, laptops and millions of website texts.

3. Main advantage- this will keep the uniform design both in small and large font sizes.

4. No zoom irritation to our eyes.

5. Less feel of readability in print media and books.

6. Examples of Sans Serif fonts- Arial, Verdana, Helvetica. Roboto etc. Arial font is default in Google Docs and the most widely used web safe font. Helvetica is favourite for designers. Calibri is the font for Microsoft office by default. Google android default typeface is Roboto. Google Chrome default is Noto Sans. The Mac OS typeface and Whatsapp are Helvetica. Google has their own font typefaces as Google fonts. In Noto Sans and Noto Serif typefaces you can select for different regional language fonts.


If you want to use a font typeface for print newspaper, notice board, banner or book- select Times New Roman. Georgia is also good but the number display is bad. For digital books, websites and social media try to use Arial which is pre-installed in all software systems hence no font substitution is required. also, good for SEO. Second choice is Helvetica or Roboto.

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