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50 Pros and Cons of eBooks

The Pros and Cons of digital books (eBooks)- 50 factors! The Pros of eBooks 1. eBook price is low when compared to print books. 2. Storage space is not a problem for eBooks. No need for huge bookshelves! 3. eBooks are light weight and portable, so easy to carry. At the same time, handling multiple print books is very bad with travel. Your digital e-reader may have thousands of book storage. 4. Fast access- search for a book, then purchase and download. You can start reading within minutes. 5. You will get super fast information from the seat itself. Time consuming less than a bookshelf. 6. Author or publisher of a digital book can update with the latest information. They can edit or delete any portion. 7. Global outreach of digital books is a very good option for its availability. 8. Digital book library is a good option for schools, colleges and companies. They will save time and money to maintain the print books of the library. Damage or loss is not a problem there. 9. Digital books

How can I get simplicity in my life?

7 stories of simplicity from Jesus Christ 1. Heals the leper Later, while Jesus was in a city, a leper came to him and fell on his face and prayed: "Lord, if you will, you can make me clean." Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, "I will; be thou clean." Immediately leprosy left him. Jesus said to him, "Do not tell anyone about this. Go and present yourself to the priest, and present the offering of purification to the people, as Moses commanded." Here again, Jesus did not want to be famous. 2. Calling Levi As Jesus was leaving, he saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the tax office. "Follow me" Jesus said to him, He left everything and got up and followed him. Levi had a big party for him at his house. A large group of tax collectors and others were dining with them. The Pharisees and scribes murmured against his disciples, saying, "What do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?" Jesus said to them, &qu

How to maintain your personal library at home?

Your amazing home library! 1. The excess number of books was a problem faced by many famous writers. There are those who keep the book in the kitchen when the other rooms are full. You must learn to buy what you want to buy and to push what you want to push. 2. Your library is small in book number and at the same time an invaluable collection. Write down the necessary information in the old books and then discard the book. 3. A close and orderly reading room covered by glass doors will surely inspire you to read better. 4. Keep a number of each book. Each subject should start with at least a hundred number gap. You can start with the same series when you buy a new book. For example, if the short story is a hundred, the novel should start at two hundred. 5. Newspapers and magazines are advertising bags. If you only need four or five pages in it, why you should keep the entire volume? All you have to do is tear out those pages and file back the subject. So you can save space. 6. Never st

How to stop drinking Alcohol?

1. The bad Chemistry of alcohol Whatever the type of alcohol, it contains a chemical known as ethyl alcohol, spirits, and ethanol. The amount of this alcohol will vary with different types of drinks. Beer -6%, Palm-coconuts Toddy -8%, Wine -15%, 40% of whiskey, gin and vodka, Rum-brandy 25-35%. This is how average strength goes. About twenty percent of the alcohol consumed is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This is because the digestive process is not necessary. The rest travels from the intestines through the central nervous system to all organs, including the liver. Alcohol is broken down by oxidation because the liver cannot store it in the body. Vomiting is a form of self-defense when the body cannot tolerate excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol enters the brain through the bloodstream and disrupts normal functioning. This can lead to memory loss, tongue slip, and hearing and vision impairment. The body may not even be able to stand up straight. Because of the tide of emo

500 popular slogans

500 unique collections of slogans, mottos, taglines and catchwords! This is a list of various international famous brand slogans, reputed companies logo and circulation. Advertising companies can generate new ideas from this resource. Read online now! Acer - empowering people Adobe - better by adobe Apple - think different Aviva - taking care of what's important Aditya Birla group - taking India to the world Air Deccan - simplify Air France - making the sky the best place on earth Apollo tyres - unstoppable Ashok Leyland - engineering your tomorrow ADB - fighting poverty in Asia and the pacific Alpen - breakfast as its peak Akashwani - bahujana hitaya bahujana sukhaya of doing all duties) Andhra Pradesh - The essence of incredible India Arunachal Pradesh - The land of the rising sun 'Aaram haram hai' - Jawaharlal Nehru Axis bank - badhti ka naam zindagi Andhra bank - where India banks Albania - a new Mediterranean love Austria - arrive and revive Air Canada - a breath of fr

List of Marian apparitions

Miracles of St. Mary The countries, places and years of supernatural appearances by Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. 1. India St. Mary appeared to some children at Kuravilangad in Kerala. It was in A.D 335. In Velankanni, Tamil Nadu, in 1580, the mother appeared before two Tamil boys. 2. Britain 1061 in Walsingham in front of Richeldis Powerches. Kent- St. Simon Stock‌ - 1251 3. France Profile - St. Dominic of Guzman - 1208 Querin - Jean Cortel - 1652 Laos - Benedict Rencarel - 1664 Lescure - Jean Bayle - 1717 Paris - St. Catherine Laboure - 1830 LaSallett - Melanie, Maximum - 1846 Lourdes - St. Bernardita - 1858 Pont Maine - Eugene, Fritto, Jean-Marie, Francis - 1871 St. Basil - Agase Arnode - 1873 Pellevosin - Estelle Fagwak - 1876 Lil Bouchard - Nicole, Laura, Janet, Jacqueline - 1947 4. Italy Tolentino - St. Nicholas - 1285 Forli - St. Pellegrino salicaceae - 1335 Montag Naga - Dominica Targa - 1729 Rome - Mary Alphonse - 1842 Castle Petroso - Fabiana, Serefina - 1888 Piana Romana