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50 Pros and Cons of eBooks

The Pros and Cons of digital books (eBooks)- 50 factors!

The Pros of eBooks

1. eBook price is low when compared to print books.

2. Storage space is not a problem for eBooks. No need for huge bookshelves!

3. eBooks are light weight and portable, so easy to carry. At the same time, handling multiple print books is very bad with travel. Your digital e-reader may have thousands of book storage.

4. Fast access- search for a book, then purchase and download. You can start reading within minutes.

5. You will get super fast information from the seat itself. Time consuming less than a bookshelf.

6. Author or publisher of a digital book can update with the latest information. They can edit or delete any portion.

7. Global outreach of digital books is a very good option for its availability.

8. Digital book library is a good option for schools, colleges and companies. They will save time and money to maintain the print books of the library. Damage or loss is not a problem there.

9. Digital books and devices have a wide range of user friendly approaches. You can opt for the favourite font styles.

10. We can adjust the colour of the font and background based on our likes and mood.

11. Brightness adjustment is a good feature in digital devices. This allows you to adapt with bright daylight, dim daylight and night reading.

12. Large font size adjustment is possible for senior citizens or people with poor eyesight.

13. Book marks are very easy when you return back to reading.

14. If you are unfamiliar with any words or terms, search option is also there.

15. Digital books are well equipped with audio versions of text and that will be a boon while you travel, busy or just before sleep. 

16. Digital devices that may have read aloud feature are designed for the hearing impaired.

17. eBooks have more pictures, photos and videos than print books.

18. Some eBooks have augmented reality technology.

19. Digital book authors will get global exposure. They can publish digital books with international publishers and platforms. So, long waiting with print publishers is also avoided.

20. There is no chance of high printing cost for greedy editors, proof-readers and publishers.

21. Rate of royalty is more among eBooks than print books. Royalty issues are less with digital publishers because no printing, marketing, transportation and sales store commission.

22. Digital reading is something environment conserving activity. No trees to create eBooks. Printing causes pollution.

23. eBooks are printable for your personal use.

24. Fast distribution without sales outlets and stores.

25. If you are a fan of digital reading, it replaces electronic gadget games, social media and video.

The Cons of eBooks

26. Eye strain is a major problem among digital reading while print is safe. You have to stare at a screen. 

27. Digital book piracy is common and loss to publishers and authors.

28. Battery charging is a problem for devices.

29. Digital reading may have distracted with its own online presence. So, it may reduce deep reading.

30. Device life span is less compared to that of a physical book.

31. Formatting errors can occur at any time.

32. Digital reading devices are expensive.

33. Disposal of e-waste is a problem.

34. Recycling is tougher than print books.

35. Digital reading reduces job opportunities. For example- salesman, driver, storekeeper, manager, distributor, businessman etc.

36. People still prefer to hold traditional books in their hands. Some are addicted to the smell of print books.

37. Emotional connection of deep reading and focus is more with print books.

38. Readers can draw underlines for revision.

39. Major awards and book release function goes to print book authors and publishers.

40. Print books means dealing with a real thing. It enjoys slowness and patience.

41. Print books are better than eBooks for academic and revision studies.

42. Book donation and charity is possible for physical books.

43. Your progress of reading through a print book is a feel as the upcoming pages get fewer.

44. No charger, electricity, battery, wi-fi and software update is required for print book reading.

45. A student can remember or visualise an answer page during examination.

46. Chance of higher academic achievement by a home library.

47. Physical books are capable of inducing better sleep.

48. Based on print books, children become better readers.

49. Digital device theft is a common thing but less with print books.

50. Based on the world wide sales report in 2020, print books are a more popular method than digital books.

Sunday, 24 October 2021

How can I get simplicity in my life?

7 stories of simplicity from Jesus Christ

1. Heals the leper

Later, while Jesus was in a city, a leper came to him and fell on his face and prayed:

"Lord, if you will, you can make me clean."

Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, "I will; be thou clean."

Immediately leprosy left him. Jesus said to him,

"Do not tell anyone about this. Go and present yourself to the priest, and present the offering of purification to the people, as Moses commanded."

Here again, Jesus did not want to be famous.

2. Calling Levi

As Jesus was leaving, he saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the tax office.

"Follow me"

Jesus said to him, He left everything and got up and followed him. Levi had a big party for him at his house. A large group of tax collectors and others were dining with them. The Pharisees and scribes murmured against his disciples, saying,

"What do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?"

Jesus said to them,

"The sick need the physician, not the healthy. I have come not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

Humility and modesty have sunk somewhere as today's needs carry the burdens of pride, arrogance and pride.

3. Who is the greatest?

They argued over who was the greatest among them. Jesus, perceiving the thoughts of their hearts, took a little child, and set him by his side, and said unto them,

"Whosoever shall receive this little child in my name receive me: and whosoever shall receive me receive him that sent me.

In addition, Jesus' answer to the question of who is greater in the Bible (Luke 22: 26) is:

"The greatest among you must be like the smallest and the one in authority as the servant."

It is said that. Keeping the hygiene of the baby in mind means having a mind that is so pure and immaculate. Then when Jesus and thus God are filled in one, the one who seems small to our eyes will become great.

4. Who is not against you?

John said: "Master, we saw a man casting out demons in your name. We stopped him because he did not follow us."

Jesus said: "Do not stop him, for he who is not against you is on your side."

In this day and age when any tactic is usually used to bring down opponents, Jesus' broad-mindedness and humility are reminiscent of many things. We owe it to ourselves to maintain mutual respect, equality and healthy competition.

5. The prayer that Jesus taught

Jesus was praying somewhere. When he had finished praying, one of his disciples came and said,

"Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples."

Jesus said: "Pray thus: Father, glorify your name. Let your kingdom come. Give us that day our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, for we also forgive our debtors. Do not include us in temptation."

Humility, obedience, and dependence on God can be seen in this prayer. But nowadays, which is full of shouts, claims of healing, self-praise, and exaggeration.

6. The house of Zacchaeus

Read the story of Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree to see Jesus.

Jesus was passing through Jericho. There was a man named Zacchaeus. He was the chief tax collector and the richest man. He wanted to see who Jesus was. It was not possible to stand in the crowd because of the short stature. He ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree. Jesus was about to pass through it. When he got there, Jesus looked up and said:

"Zacchaeus, come down quickly. I have to stay at your house today."

He hurried downstairs and received him happily. When they saw this, they all murmured:

"He is a guest in the house of the sinner."

Zacchaeus stood up and said:

"Lord, behold, I give half of my goods to the poor, and I will repay four times as much if I have defrauded anyone."

Jesus said to him,

"Today this house is saved. He is also the Son of Abraham. The Son of Man has come to save and to save that which was lost."

Repentance is often the product of a humble mind. Arrogance, hostility, arrogance and jealousy indicate a dark attitude.

7. Washing the disciples' feet

During the meal, Jesus took a bowl of water, washed the disciples' feet, and wiped them with a towel. Then Jesus said to them,

"Do you know what I have done to you? If I, your Master and Lord, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet: for I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you."

Studying the Bible reveals that it contains many vital values. Here are some lessons of a characteristic humility that will make our world better if applied in the right sense.

How to maintain your personal library at home?

Your amazing home library!

1. The excess number of books was a problem faced by many famous writers. There are those who keep the book in the kitchen when the other rooms are full. You must learn to buy what you want to buy and to push what you want to push.

2. Your library is small in book number and at the same time an invaluable collection. Write down the necessary information in the old books and then discard the book.

3. A close and orderly reading room covered by glass doors will surely inspire you to read better.

4. Keep a number of each book. Each subject should start with at least a hundred number gap. You can start with the same series when you buy a new book. For example, if the short story is a hundred, the novel should start at two hundred.

5. Newspapers and magazines are advertising bags. If you only need four or five pages in it, why you should keep the entire volume? All you have to do is tear out those pages and file back the subject. So you can save space.

6. Never store books in direct dust. Dust and dirt can accumulate in the book and cause allergies in you.

7. Keep bookshelves closed. Otherwise, it will become a hiding place for insects, moths, spiders, rats and termites.

8. Do not drag books back onto the shelves after the reference, as most people do. Store them in closed shelves.

9. Do not place the next line of the book as a load on a book. Adjust the tap to be a single column only. Make sure the columns do not come in. Save time for searching and retrieving.

10. Lightweight processed wood cabinets / wall mounted aluminum shelves can be used for this. Or steel shelves should be sized and made to fit.

11. Shelves with glass are also good. This is because neatly arranged books will inspire you and others to read through the glass.

12. Use small portable shelf units. It will be an easy method than large single unit. 

13. Creating a a digital or physical catalog of all the books will save you a lot of time.

14. A narrower but lengthy table is better. This allows you to easily carry book materials within easy reach.

15. LEDs with low heat, no radiation and low power consumption. Bulbs are also ahead in life. Use such bulbs. Avoid CFL that emitting heat and radiation.

16. Dark and intense light can also be harmful to the eyes. Adjust it to moderation.

17. Table-lamps are convenient in hostels and other places, but in homes the whole room is well lit.

18. Usually some types of work and writers need two tables. For quick things; For regular things. This is because the flow of work is lost when the same table is used for each.

19. The walls of the room are very nice in light blue, green and yellow. Dark colors are not allowed.

20. Keep in mind that the reading room of talented students will also be smart.

21. You may have heard that nectar is poison in excess. The same is true of reading. Marathon reading should be avoided. Do not read for more than three and a half hours alone. It is bad for the eyes, neck and spine.

22. People who spend too much time looking down can get diseases like spondylosis.

23. The book can be raised to the level of the face with something like a writing board for reading. Also, use a reclining chair.

24. Do not use chairs without hand rests.

25. Likewise, sleepy reading and studying can be detrimental to health.

26. Reading for the study should start early in the morning.

27. Recreational reading can be both boring and traveling. Do not read while traveling by bus; Not at all when traveling by road in Kerala! This is because the continuous movement of the elephant tusks will destroy the health of the eye.

28. How many trees does the ax have to fall on to make paper for the book? In addition, there is environmental pollution during the paper manufacturing phase. E-publications can be helpful in counteracting the ill effects of old books and lung diseases. Experts say e-books will dominate the next five years. Whether the book is physical or digital, it is certain that a book gives simultaneous copies of different lives. If the common man wants to live his life well, it is good to know that.

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How to stop drinking Alcohol?

1. The bad Chemistry of alcohol

Whatever the type of alcohol, it contains a chemical known as ethyl alcohol, spirits, and ethanol. The amount of this alcohol will vary with different types of drinks. Beer -6%, Palm-coconuts Toddy -8%, Wine -15%, 40% of whiskey, gin and vodka, Rum-brandy 25-35%.

This is how average strength goes. About twenty percent of the alcohol consumed is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This is because the digestive process is not necessary. The rest travels from the intestines through the central nervous system to all organs, including the liver.

Alcohol is broken down by oxidation because the liver cannot store it in the body. Vomiting is a form of self-defense when the body cannot tolerate excessive alcohol consumption.

Alcohol enters the brain through the bloodstream and disrupts normal functioning. This can lead to memory loss, tongue slip, and hearing and vision impairment. The body may not even be able to stand up straight. Because of the tide of emotions and lack of discernment, the person may not be conscious of what he or she is saying or doing.

There is always a cry for alcohol from the brain of an alcoholic. It can be called alcoholism. Tetrahydroisoquinolines (TIQS) is a chemical formed as a result of a chemical reaction between blood and alcohol. It is permanently attached to the brain and cannot be removed. This is what creates the thirst for alcohol.

Alcoholism is not only a bad habit but also a disease. In 1951, the World Health Organization declared alcoholism a disease.

There is a hereditary factor behind alcoholism. Some families have been 'brand ambassadors' of alcohol for generations.

Moreover, it attracts the minds of children who grow up seeing, hearing and smelling the atmosphere of alcohol. We should be aware that the brain is unknowingly receiving many of the available conditions.

2. Adverse effects of alcohol

Cardiomyopathy, Paralysis, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure are common. When the liver works hard to tame alcohol- Fatty liver, Alcoholic hepatitis, Cirrhosis and fibrosis.

Alcohol can cause up to 7 types of cancer, from the mouth to the throat, liver and breast. Alcohol can lead to pancreatitis, a disease of the pancreas. It can cause diabetes, ulcers and gout. Alcohol is an energy source that reduces the appetite, so the alcoholic does not eat any other food. So they will face malnutrition. Thus the immune system is weakened and if there is any disease present, alcohol helps to increase it.

Alcohol is easily identified by the effects of alcohol on the brain. The limbs and tongue are tingling, memory loss and no sense of place. When the brain, which controls everything in human beings, is harmed in this way. The fear, depression, suspicion, dementia, suicidal tendencies, personality disorders in many forms and manifestations. In short, life expectancy is reduced and premature death occurs.

If the evils of pure alcohol are like this, what will be the effect of counterfeit liquor like Methanol, diazepam, silicon paste, ammonium chloride, saccharin, various pesticides, etc.

Many countries continue to increase the price of alcohol and taxes because people will buy alcohol no matter how much it goes up, and no one complains. As a result, the alcoholic's family will face a serious financial crisis. Alcohol-related illnesses, accidents, and job losses can also lead to money loss. There have been many suicides and such attempts in Kerala (India) where people go around the house in debt and even go to bed. Alcohol abuse, domestic violence, murder, car accident, theft, pornography, and anti-social behavior are usual.

3. How to avoid this social evil?

Many drivers who have died in an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol have said goodbye to alcohol with guilt. Also, there are people who hate alcohol even when they die due to negligence in seeking adequate treatment for children and others. However, in terms of the number of alcoholics, these are very small numbers.

During the learning period of the children, the most scientific awareness is required. Up to four or five generations of alcoholics will have a legacy of falling into this trap. There is a need to build better resistance to alcoholism. Parents need to be aware of their children's activities and friendships.

Advertising slogans promoting alcohol should not be spread as a joke. Let no celebrities come for it. In movies and TV serials, children and young people think that the hero is drunk and doing adventurous deeds. The 'legal warning' on the TV-movie screen is written in such a way that you can't even read it! Or does the audience pay attention to any of this while they are excited?

Posters, banners and charts should be used in public places and in schools and colleges. Let innovative ideas related to this come up not only in the school project but also in the job fairs. Take advantage of anti-alcohol seminars, speech-quiz competitions, surveys, opinion polls, and counseling.

The age of onset of alcoholism is now 13-14 years. The habit of serving wine at the dinner table will make them the owners of brains that require more alcohol in the future. Parents should be aware that children have the same risk of using beer.

Faith in God, fear of God, and the spirit of the environment can prevent alcoholism. The attitude of finding help in God is to believe that alcohol does not seek help. At the same time, avoid the gods and the wounded who walk with 'miracle drugs'. Alcohol is the root of all evil.

4. Tips to avoid alcohol

'Food instead of oil', ‘Food instead of work’, And are projects implemented in the world. However,

'Alcohol in lieu of wages'. There is a method in our country. That is, after working well in the name of alcohol, some alcohol will be paid for in the evening, satisfaction to the drinker and profit to the giver! Let no one nurture this unjust act until the ceremonies in the houses and the political meeting.

Do not use alcohol as a bet, promise, or gift. Instead, healthy things are easy here. From cricket-football matches in foreign countries to folk ball games held here, ‘bottle breaking’ is celebrated.

It is better for a woman's future to slowly avoid her lover or marriage counselor if she is informed that she is consuming even small amounts of alcohol. Others, after marriage, begin to consume beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

"Drink a little", "Men can be a little bit", "Drink at home"- No wife should give such permission.

Practice good hobbies. Exercising every morning makes the neurotransmitter 'endorphins' and keeps the body and mind refreshed.

Special care should be taken not to be discouraged. If good hobbies are made a part of everyday life it will act like an intoxication. Let work slip from one day to the next in a way that does not take a break, that is, time to get drunk and no such advice.

Prohibition of alcohol is something that many countries have pioneered before Kerala; But everywhere the result was the opposite. Not only did those who used alcohol turn to drugs, but counterfeit liquor and the underworld proliferated. Before doing such things, it is necessary to analyze the best research results of the countries of the world related to this.

500 popular slogans

500 unique collections of slogans, mottos, taglines and catchwords!

This is a list of various international famous brand slogans, reputed companies logo and circulation. Advertising companies can generate new ideas from this resource. Read online now!
Acer - empowering people
Adobe - better by adobe
Apple - think different
Aviva - taking care of what's important
Aditya Birla group - taking India to the world
Air Deccan - simplify
Air France - making the sky the best place on earth
Apollo tyres - unstoppable
Ashok Leyland - engineering your tomorrow
ADB - fighting poverty in Asia and the pacific
Alpen - breakfast as its peak
Akashwani - bahujana hitaya bahujana sukhaya
of doing all duties)

Andhra Pradesh - The essence of incredible India
Arunachal Pradesh - The land of the rising sun
'Aaram haram hai' - Jawaharlal Nehru
Axis bank - badhti ka naam zindagi
Andhra bank - where India banks
Albania - a new Mediterranean love
Austria - arrive and revive
Air Canada - a breath of fresh air - and you're done
Abu Dhabi - travellers welcome
Australia - there is nothing like Australia
A&T - your world delivered
Amul - The taste of India

Adidas - impossible is nothing
BMW - The ultimate driving machine
Bose corporation - better sound through research
Bhutan - a land of gross national happiness
Bolivia - awaits you
BPCL - pure for sure
BSE - The edge is efficiency
Boeing - forever new frontiers
British airways - The way to fly
Belarus - hospitality beyond borders
Bulgaria - unique in its diversity
Bank of Baroda - India's international bank
Bank of Maharashtra - one family one bank
Bank of America - higher standards
Bharatiya mahila bank - empowering women
Bihar - blissful Bihar

BHU - vidya ya amritamasnute (be immortal through knowledge)
Barclays - it's our business to know your business
BNP Paribas - The bank for a changing world
Barnes & Noble - The internet's largest bookstore
Bharat petroleum - energizing lives
BPL - believe in the best
BSNL - connecting India
Blaupunkt - The advantage in your car
Bridgestone - passion for excellence
Canon - image is everything
Chrysler - if you find a better car, buy it!
Cadillac - a standard of the world
Crompton Greaves - everyday solutions

Cognizant - passion for making a difference
Cochin university of science and technology - tejasvi naavadhil tamas (may
our knowledge become brilliant)
Chattisgarh - full of surprises
Cyprus - timeless beauty is better than words
Czech republic - stunningly different
Citibank - let's get it done
Canara bank - together we care, it's easy to change for those who you love
The central bank of India - build a better life around us
Corporation bank - prosperity for all

China - China tourism
Coca cola - thanda matlab coca cola
Cisco - empowering the internet generation
CNET - The source
Cipla - caring for life
'Cast off your laziness' - Jawaharlal Nehru
Dell - easy as dell
D-Link - building networks for people
DuPont - The miracles of science
Dubai - definitely Dubai
DLF - Building India
Diesel - The luxury of dirt
Dr Reddy's laboratories - life, research, hope

Dena bank - trusted family bank
Dunlop - drivers know
'Do or die' - quit India
Deutsche bank - a passion for performance Doordarshan - Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Disneyland - The happiest place on earth
Delta airlines - you will love the way we fly
eBay - The world's online marketplace
Emirates - keep the discovery
Essar - a positive attitude
Eureka Forbes - your friend of life
Ethiopia - The cradle of humankind
Ericsson - taking you forward
Fujitsu - The possibilities are infinite
FACT - pioneers in progress
Ford - feel the difference
Fiat - driven by passion. Fiat.
Forbes - capitalist tool
Finland - visit Finland
Federal bank - your perfect banking partner

Goa - a perfect holiday destination
Gujarat - Vibrant Gujarat
'Garibi hatao' (remove poverty) - Indira Gandhi
GAIL - gas and beyond
Germany - The travel destination
Georgia - for the best moments of your life
General electric - imagination at work
Google - don't be evil
Google blogger - push-button publishing
Guardian - enriching the lives of people we touch
HSBC - The world's local bank
HDFC - we understand your world
Hutch - wherever you go, our network follows
Hindustan times - The Name India trusts for news
Hindustan petroleum - future full of energy
Hong Kong - asia's world city
Hewlett-Packard(hp) - invent
Hitachi - Inspire the next
Hummer - like nothing else

Harley-Davidson - American by birth, rebel by choice
Honda - The power of dreams
Hyundai - driving is believing
HBO - it's on tv. it's HBO
HCL - technology that touches a life
Holland - add some orange
ISRO - space technology in the service of humankind
India - incredible India
Indonesia - wonderful Indonesia
Indian army - do you have it in you
Indian navy - sham no varunah
IBM - we make IT happen
Infosys - powered by intellect, driven by values
Intel - intel inside
ING - ING direct. save your money
India today - making sense of India
ITC - enduring value
IDBI - banking for all, aao, sochein bada
Indian overseas bank - good people to grow with

ICICI - khayaal aapka, hum hai na
IndusInd - we care...dil se; we make you feel richer
Iceland - visit Iceland
Ireland - jump to Ireland
'India shining' - Prathap than
'Inquilab zindabad'(long live the revolution) - Bhagat Singh
Indian bank - your tech-friendly bank
Jammu and Kashmir - Chalo Kashmir/heaven on earth
Jharkhand - a new experience
JP morgan - The right relationship is everything
Jaguar - unleash a jaguar
Japan - endless discovery
Jet airways - The joy of flying
JK paper - creating lasting impressions
Johnnie walker - keep walking
JVC - The perfect experience
Kingfisher airlines - key of good times
Kotak Mahindra - think investments, think Kotak

Kyrgyzstan - oasis on the great silk route
Kazakhstan - Iceland of wonders
Korea - be inspired
Kodak - a virtual world of a real picture
Konica - The essentials of imaging
KFC - we do chicken right
Kobo - kobo. freely
Karur Vysya bank - smart way to the bank
Karnataka - one state, many worlds
Keltron - India's first and largest State electronics enterprise
KSRTC - safe and secure journey
Kerala minerals and metals - spreading splendour
community through families
KFC - we finance your dream
KSFE - The thumb impression of developing Kerala
Kerala bhasha institute - geerna sreya
Lakshadweep - enjoy the coral paradise
Landrover - land rover. go beyond

Lockheed martin - we never forget who we are working for
L&T - we make things that make India proud
Lenovo - we are building a new technology company
LIC - we know India better
Louis Philippe - The upper crest
Lufthansa - There's no better way to fly
Lexus - The pursuit of perfection
Malaysian airlines - going beyond expectations
Maruti alto - let's go
Mathrubhumi - The national daily in Malayalam
MRF - tyre with muscle
Mahatma Gandhi university - vidya ya amritamasnute(knowledge makes one
Milma - Keralam kelikottuyarunna nanma

The Maldives - The sunny side of the life
Malaysia - truly Asia
Max Newyork -your partner for life
Merck - where patients come first
Mittal steel - shaping the future of steel
Motorola - hello moto
Mercedes Benz - The future of the automobile
Mitsubishi - better built, better backed
Mazda - zoom, zoom, zoom
Micheline - The more we progress, the better your advance
Metlife - have you met life today?
McDonald's - nothing can do it like McDonald's
Meghalaya - halfway to heaven
Maharashtra - unlimited
Madhya Pradesh - The heart of incredible India
Malayala Manorama - dharma math kuladevatha(motto)/nobody delivers
Kerala better
MPI - safety tasty
NTPC - powering India's growth
NABARD - revitalizing rural India through urban support

NDTV - experience the truth first
Norway - visit Norway
Nissan - you can with a Nissan
Nokia - connecting people
Nikon - at the heart of the image
Nike - just do it
Nescafe - coffee at its best
Nestle - good food, good life
Nestle kit-kat - have a break, have a kit-kat
NABARD - revitalizing rural India through urban support
Nike - bleed blue
New Zealand - 100% pure
Nepal - once is not enough
Nagaland - a land of festivals
NASA - for the benefit of all
Oman - beauty has an address
Omega - The sign of excellence
ONGC - making tomorrow brighter
Onida - neighbours envy, owners pride
Oriental bank of commerce - where every individual is committed

Punjab - India begins here
Punjab national bank - a name you can bank upon
Puducherry - give time a break
Pfizer - life is our life's work
Pepsi - yehi hai right choice
Polo - The mint with a hole
Peru - an empire of hidden treasures
Portugal - Europe's west coast
Punjab & Sind bank - where series is a way of life
Pontiac - we are driving excitement
Philips - sense and simplicity
Qatar - where dreams come to life
'Quit India' - Mahatma Gandhi
Rajasthan - The incredible state of India
Reliance - growth is life
Red FM - bajaate Raho!
Red cross - The greatest tragedy is indifference
Romania - explore the Carpathian garden

Russia - pure Russia
Royal Bank of Scotland - make it happen
Range rover - rover. a class of its own
Reebok - I am what I am
Radio Mirchi - it's hot!
Raymond - The complete man
SAIL - There's a little bit of sail in everyday's life
Samsonite - life's a journey
Siemens - be inspired
South Indian bank - experience next-generation banking
Syndicate bank - your faithful and friendly financial partner
State bank of India - The banker to every Indian
State bank of Travancore - a long tradition of trust
State bank of Hyderabad - you can always bank on us
State bank of Mysore - working for better tomorrow
Scotland - welcomes the world
South Africa - inspiring new ways
Samsung - smart thinking. simple living
Sun microsystems - The network is the computer

Sony - like no other
Sahara - emotionally yours
Star sports - we know your game
Sikkim - Small but beautiful
'Swaraj is my birth right' - Bal gangadhar tilak
Servo - 100% performance, every time
'Simon go back' - Lajpat rai
SIDCO - total solution provider for small scale sector
Supply - food security of Kerala
The economic times - knowledge is power
Time magazine - understanding comes with time
Turkey - unlimited
The Seychelles islands - another world
Toshiba - committed to people, committed to future
Toyota - your new experience of motoring
Toyota corolla - a car to be proud of
Tata motors - even more car per car

Tata safari - reclaim your life
Taiwan - The heart of Asia
Thailand - always amazes you
TCS - beyond the obvious
The Indian express - journalism of courage
Taj mahal - wah taj!
Tamil Nadu - enhancing Tamil Nadu
Telangana - it's all in it
Technopark - harmony at work
Thomas Cook - don't just book it. Thomas Cook it
TransWorld airlines - you're going to like us
Union Bank of India - good people to bank with
United bank of India - The bank that begins with u
Uco bank - honours your trust
Uganda - a pearl of Africa
Uttar Pradesh - amazing heritage grand experience

Uttarakhand - simply heaven
University of Calicut - nirmaya karmana sree(prosperity will be produced by
pure action)
University of Kerala - karmani vyajyate prajna(one's intellect is revealed
through one's action)
UNICEF - whatever it takes to save a child
UN - it's your world
UNESCO - world heritage is our heritage
Volvo - Volvo. for life
Venezuela - is your destination
Vietnam - timeless charm
Videocon - new improved life
Visa - wherever it takes you, the future takes visa
Volkswagen - drivers wanted
Vodafone - make the most of now
Wills - made for each other
West Bengal - beautiful Bengal
World bank - working for a world free of poverty

Walmart - Save money, live better
Xerox - The document company
Yes bank - experience our expertise
Zenith - The quality goes in before the name goes on
This list of slogans, mottos, taglines, punch catchwords is useful for the competitive exams, also for creating ideas for new slogans.
AIIMS - sariram adyam khalu dharma sadhanam(body alone is the instrument
American express bank - do more
Argentina - beats your rhythm
Bajaj - Hamara bajaj
Bank of Rajasthan - together we prosper
Bharat gas - cook food, serve love
CNN - be the first to know. The world's news leader
Cameroon - Cameroon is back
Daikin - complete silence
Epson - exceed your vision
Goodyear tyres - on the wings of Goodyear

Haier - inspired living
Hungary - go to Hungary
Indian oil corporation - bring energy to life
Jammu Kashmir bank - serving to empower
Kelloggs - start ageing smart
Kudumbasree - reaching out to families through women and reaching out to
Maruti 800 - change your life
Microsoft - your potential, our passion
Morocco - The country that travels with you
NTPC - powering India's growth
Olympus - your vision, your future
Rolls Royce - trusted to deliver excellence
Switzerland - get natural
'Satyameva jayate' - Madan mohan malaviya
Tanzania - The land of kilimanjaro, zanzibar and the serengeti
The daily telegraph - read a best seller every day
Uruguay - natural
Verizon - we never stop working for you
Wipro - applying thought

Airtel - express yourself
Allahabad bank - a tradition of trust
Bangladesh - beautiful Bangladesh
Bank of India - relationships beyond banking
BBC - putting news first
CEAT - born tough
Canada - keep exploring
De Beers - a diamond is forever
Fiji - Fiji me
Haryana - a pioneer in highway tourism
Indian airforce - touch the sky with glory
Indian railway - the lifeline of the nation
Kerala - God's own country
Lee - The jeans that built America

Manipur - a jewel of incredible India
Odisha - The soul of incredible India
Panasonic - ideas for life
Sansui - born in japan, entertaining world
Tripura - visit Agartala
Verizon wireless- can you hear me now? good
Zimbabwe - a world of wonders
Air Canada - world-class, worldwide
'Give me blood and I will give you freedom' - Netaji Subash Chandra Bose
Poland - move your imagination

List of Marian apparitions

Miracles of St. Mary

The countries, places and years of supernatural appearances by Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

1. India

St. Mary appeared to some children at Kuravilangad in Kerala. It was in A.D 335.

In Velankanni, Tamil Nadu, in 1580, the mother appeared before two Tamil boys.

2. Britain

1061 in Walsingham in front of Richeldis Powerches.

Kent- St. Simon Stock‌ - 1251

3. France

Profile - St. Dominic of Guzman - 1208

Querin - Jean Cortel - 1652

Laos - Benedict Rencarel - 1664

Lescure - Jean Bayle - 1717

Paris - St. Catherine Laboure - 1830

LaSallett - Melanie, Maximum - 1846

Lourdes - St. Bernardita - 1858

Pont Maine - Eugene, Fritto, Jean-Marie, Francis - 1871

St. Basil - Agase Arnode - 1873

Pellevosin - Estelle Fagwak - 1876

Lil Bouchard - Nicole, Laura, Janet, Jacqueline - 1947

4. Italy

Tolentino - St. Nicholas - 1285

Forli - St. Pellegrino salicaceae - 1335

Montag Naga - Dominica Targa - 1729

Rome - Mary Alphonse - 1842

Castle Petroso - Fabiana, Serefina - 1888

Piana Romana - St. Padre Pio - 1910

Gia de Bonnet - Adelaide Roncalli - 1944

Tre Ophantano - Bruno Cornacchiola - 1947

Montequery - Pierina Gilli - 1947

Balestrino - Catherine Richaro - 1949

Cephala Diana - four children - 1967

Santo Dominican - Brother Cosimo Fragomeni - 1968

Salerno - Oliveno Nitra - 1985

Belpasso - Rosario Toscano - 1986

5. Mexico

Guadeloupe - St. Juan Diego - 1531

6. Poland

Lesask - Thomas Michael - 1578

Gitzwald - Justina Barbara - 1877

Sudanska - St. Maximilian Kolbe - 1904

Krakow - St. Faustina - 1936

7. Ecuador

Quito - Mother Mariana Torres - 1594

Suenka - Patricia Talbot - 1988

8. Lithuania

Silva - Four Children - 1608

9. Austria

Maria Hilberg - Sebastian Slager - 1661

10. Vietnam

Lawang - Christian Refugees - 1798

11. United States

Robinsonville - Idol Bris - 1859

Rome City - Mildred Ephraim - 1956

New York - Veronica - 1970

12. Czech Republic

Filippsdorf - Magdalene Kade - 1866

13. Ireland

Knock - in front of a group of fifteen - 1879

14. China

Gongloo - in front of 30,000 pilgrims - 1900

15. Belgium

Brussels - Berthe Petit - 1911

Burag- Five Children -1932

Banneux - Mariette Beco -1933

16. Portugal

Fatima - Jacinta, Francis, Lucy - 1917

17. Germany

Heed - Anna, Greta, Susanna, Margaret - 1937

Marion Fried - Barbara Reese - 1946

18. Netherlands

Amsterdam - Ida Peerdeman - 1945

19. Spain

La Kodosara - Afra, Marcelina - 1945

Garabandal - Mary Lolly, Conchita, Jacinta, Mary Cruise - 1962

20. Hungary

Hasnos - Clara Lawson - 1947

21. Philippines

Lipa - Teresita Castillo 1948

22. South Africa

Ingom - Reynolds May-1955

23. Brazil

Natividad - Sebastián Posto - 1967

Itapiranga- Edson Glauber - 1994

24. Egypt

Zaitoon - Pilgrim Society - 1968

25. Japan

Akkitta - Agnes Sasagawa - 1973

26. Venezuela

Bethany - Maria S. (1964)

27. Nicaragua

Cuppa - Bernardo Martinez - 1980

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